Whole Body Thermography

An excellent addition to your whole health regimen

Thermography can provide physiological imaging to help assess a current medical condition or monitor treatment.

Thermography is also a valuable tool for the prevention and monitoring of overuse injuries for all athletes.


Thermography is a fantastic adjunctive imaging modality that is perfect for any health conscious individual. 

When a thermogram is performed, images are sent to an interpreter. This highly qualified individual compares the images to the database of "normal". Any findings that are consistent with abnormal thermal markers are noted with recommended actions to be taken. Only your healthcare provider can make an official diagnosis.

An initial Whole Body Series is recommended to establish your "thermal thumbprint". Yearly scans afterwards can help detect any changes to the body that may be going unnoticed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/ Double Crush

Patient presenting with symptoms over the past 8 months, failed physical therapy, and a recommendation for surgery. The patient’s images allowed for a tracing of the nerve pathways and discovery of a problem in the cervical spine along with the problem at the carpal tunnel. Once treatment was directed at the cervical spine, the patient’s images returned to normal and her symptoms resolved.

Chronic Asthma

Patient presenting with a 12 year history of asthma. The images show a loss of the normal thermal gradient over the posterior thorax. Once the condition was brought under control, the infrared images displayed a normal healthy appearance.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

A patient presenting with severe regional pain, altered skin temperature and color changes, and severe sensitivity to touch in the left arm over the last 6 months. The large area of heat loss in the left arm suggests serious sympathetic hyperactivity and aids in confirming the diagnosis of stage 1 CRPS. The images taken after treatment show a normalizing of the thermal emissions concurrent with resolution of the patient’s symptoms.

Early Diabetes Detection

Thermal signs of microcirculatory deficits in the fingers secondary to diabetes. These result may be present up to 4 years before symptoms and testing.

Spinal Disc Protrusion

Patient history of right low back pain with radiation into the right leg. MRI shows a right sided disc protrusion with nerve root compression at the same level. The post treatment image shows near total resolution of the thermal signs concurrent with complete resolution of symptoms.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patient presenting with a 15 year history of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Multiple focal regions of increased thermal emissions suggesting myofascial pathology and correlating with the patient's areas of tenderness and pain. The post treatment image shows normalization of the thermal signs concurrent with resolution of symptomatology.

Occult Dental Abscess

Patient with history of oral and facial pain. Dental exam was negative. Thermal signs of inflammation localized the area for a more thorough radiological exam. An abscess was found in the area.

Stroke Screening

Thermal signs of decreased vascular perfusion in the area supplied by the right supraorbital and facial arteries. A follow up carotid vascular study showed significant stenosis of the right common carotid artery.

Parathyroid Disease

A 56 year old female presented with DEXA evidence of progressive osteoporosis resistant to estrogen therapy. Discrete hyperthermic foci are seen as feedback signals from the parathyroid glands. A follow up endocrine work up diagnosed the patient with osteoporosis secondary to hyperparathyroidism.

Thyroiditis and Secondary Estrogen Dominance

Patient presenting with chronic breast tenderness and fibrocystic breast disease. Her breast images show a vascular display suggestive of hormone effects. The images of the anterior neck shows a focal hyperthermia as a feedback signal from the thyroid. Follow up testing from her physician determined that she had an estrogen dominance due to progesterone deficiency secondary to thyroiditis.

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