Medical Grade Fever Screening

Would your place of business or event benefit from a fast, affordable, and medical grade fever screening protocol?


Our FDA-approved thermal imaging system is also a fantastic fever screening tool. The user can input the desired temperature threshold that activates an audible and visual alarm. 

Our imaging system is 100% safe with no radiation emissions.

Recommended Elevated Body Temperature Protocol

Before arriving, important processes should be followed in order to improve the accuracy of the infrared screening system. Please read the following information and adhere to it as closely as possible.

  • Before being imaged, remove sunglasses and eyeglasses.

  • Each person should be positioned exactly the same for screening (probably using a bilateral foot placement diagram on the floor to make things faster and easier).

  • When being imaged, look straight into the camera lens. Nothing is emitted from the camera and it is 100% safe. The camera is only recording natural infrared signals that are already being emitted from the body.

  • Imaging should be performed 4-8 feet from the camera and the face should be centered in the image.

  • Do not rest your hand, forearm or other body parts on your face and forehead prior to being imaged.

  • If perspiring or persons experiencing hot flashes should be directed to the secondary screening location.

  • Do not apply wet hands to the face or forehead. Refrain from washing hands until after being imaged.

  • The Welch-Allyn digital thermometer would be the best to use for the secondary screening

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